Rise of the Slime is a Card Combat adventure game about a little slime
and its journey
to glory...

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In Rise of the Slime, be reborn as a slime in an odd, foreign, world. As ages pass, build your deck and let it evolve...
Fight enemies, enjoy a bit of camping while roasting some marshmallows, travel through portals, find chests, touch things that you probably should not touch.
The main story campaign map always remains the same, but in the hub world, you can access portal that will transfer you to labyrinth with shifting routes.
Be ready for the endless runs and silly encounters. All of this to conquer and subdue the crown of win-stuff-thing.

To get your hands on that shiny crown, you'll need to defeat the hordes of enemies and conquer the power of elements. Be prepared for turn-based Card Combat, Deck Building and light Exploration. All of this with a sprinkle of gardening on the side.

  • 100+ cards
  • 36+ enemy units
  • Multiple zones to explore Caves, Swamplands, Lava, Castle - More incoming...
  • Random runs and Premade base run/map
  • Element interactions and movement
  • Regular, Fire, Acid, Lightning, Buff / Debuff, Movement and Control cards
  • Touching sexy radishes

Game will be in Early Access and that means that You will be able to participate in its evolution.

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Press Kit | Twitter | Discord